Cleaning Your Chimney For The Spring

Hefley said he and his family lit a fire to enjoy while they watched Sunday’s NFL championship games. “About an hour later, we noticed smoke coming up through the second floor, and the chimney box got pretty hot,” Hefley said.

Regardless of the set up if you allow this part of your home to fall in neglect you are inviting fire and carbon monoxide poisoning to come into your home. This is a real problem and we are not trying to scare you but to make you aware of what is going on!


In an external or outside vented system the fan will draw fumes and odors through a grease filter in a duct system and send the fumes either up or down and out of the house.

Therefore, it is just vital that you immediately do the chimney repair even if the cracks or the damages are small. There is a wide array of materials that can be availed at the stores to help you repair the chimney on your own. Of course, the materials used for chimney repair cost a quick guide for stones are different from the ones used for bricks.

If you determine that you do have a leak and repairs are needed you will first want to consider what kind of materials to use. You have three primary options for fixing a leaking liner. First, if your vent is made of brick or stone, you could install a new terracotta one. Terracotta liners are very durable and long lasting. However, installing a new terracotta one can be quite costly. A second option is a rigid stainless steel repair liner.

Whenever you burn wood, creosote will build up inside your chimney. You do not want too much of this substance to collect inside since it can easily ignite and cause a chimney fire. Therefore, you will need to get it cleaned out on a regular basis.

Then, for a horizontal joint, you can use a mortar hawk to carry the mortar and for a vertical joint, you may use joint filler. It is advisable to use pigment or concrete to strengthen the mortar for a better end result. After that, leave it until it dries. Now, you are done!

Look for driveway repair home scams, phony landscapers, window washing scams, trash removal or clean out home scams. All I’m saying’ is you need to have your head up and pay attention to what’s going on out there. Scammers are using every possible event, holiday, season or tragedy to catch you with your guard down.